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Variegated plants, by the way, are more difficult to site in the garden because your eye is often led to them.
When it comes to plant care, variegated plants do need a little extra attention.
With the aid of a specialised lawyer and armed with the latest knowledge of EU and British Plant Patent Regulations John has finally managed to secure world wide rights on this uniquely variegated plant.
April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- It's almost spring and time to brighten up your garden with some variegated plants.
It was originally cloud-pruned by Jake Hobson who The box itself is variegated - one of the few variegated plants that I really love.
This was welcome news as he is well-known for having a great eye for spotting new bromeliads and has found more variegated plants in the wild than anyone.
The apple green and the variegated plants bring in the creams and lighter colors.
The leaves of many variegated plants lose their distinctive coloration when planted in too much shade, but the leaves of a select number of variegated plants, including ``Blushing Bride,'' turn completely green, instead, when grown in too much sun.
van Nicrop, another member of Houtman's Dutch horticultural group, discusses "Using Variegated Plants in a Garden.
Avoid the purple leafed varieties, as they don't tolerate the cold as much as green or variegated plants.
Line 90C40 produces bushy, greenpurple-white variegated plants that grow to about 15 inches tall.