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Your production house A K Various productions was in Muscat recently to perform at the Original Theatre Festival.
But it was the impeccable Les Miserables, the world's longest-running musical, which originally brought this group together, all of them having played major roles in various productions of Schonberg's outstanding work.
This new edition includes a number of comments on how various productions have linked Othello to global, regional and local social issues.
Among the company's various productions have been European football highlights programme Sgorio, sitcom C'mon Midffild, teen soap Rownd a Rownd and drama series Amdani.
A lot of older women have played Maggie in various productions, and I don't think that's right.
Edward Albee's provocative play (2002 Tony award winner) will shock, outrage, stimulate, and delight audiences as it continues across the country in various productions.
These two chapters are much more neatly organized than those cited above, allowing the reader to understand better Desseo's theoretical arguments, as well as to appreciate the specific examples he cites from various productions.