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The most important attributes affecting HQA scores in the Venta RBD were stream vegetation structure (19.
Vegetation structure (mainly canopy openness) and climate (temperature) are known to be significant predictors of butterfly communities at the habitat level (Barlow et al.
Methods differ greatly in the number of species and individuals caught, and collecting method performance depends on vegetation structure.
Thus, giraffe indirectly reduce the density of trees and maintain a more open vegetation structure.
In most studies of habitat selection, the vegetation structure of occupied sites is compared to unoccupied sites and sampling is usually done in one general location within a species range (e.
From June-August in 2006 and 2007, we sampled vegetation structure at 252 locations from 28 fledglings (9.
There are parallels between Australian eucalypt forests and North American pine and oak forests in the way vegetation structure is altered when fire becomes less frequent.
The purpose of this paper is to characterize the historic vegetation structure and tree species composition of a site in the Balcones Canyonlands subregion of the Edwards Plateau, using witness tree data from original land surveys.
A disturbance such as fire, which can alter the vegetation structure, could have a major affect on the cavity nesting bird community, an important part of the forest community.
This substitution produces a simplification of the vegetation structure and composition of the ecosystem (Zurita et al.
Weeds CRC project researchers say that while weeds greatly modify bird habitat by contributing to changes in fire regimes, vegetation structure and seasonal food availability, they have also become a ready food source for some bird species.
A spokesman said: ``Some degree of disturbance may be needed to provide the necessary open vegetation structure with vigorously growing young plants.