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In patients in a vegetative state or MCS, it may be worthwhile to consider one dose of 10 mg zolpidem to establish whether or not there is a response.
It's not possible or practical to obtain scans of the brain as it functions (or doesn't) for everyone in a vegetative state.
While turning down the plea of mercy killing on March 7, 2011, the Supreme Court, however, allowed passive euthanasia of withdrawing life support to patients in permanently vegetative state ( PVS).
While none of those require conscious awareness, such signs may have a distressing impact on family members or clinical staff, but they do not alone exclude the presence of Vegetative State [6].
In essence, persistence of the vegetative state or death are the primary outcomes remaining.
Owen then asked Scott a question he had been hoping to ask a vegetative state patient for a long time: "Are you in any pain?
Prof Schwarzbauer said: "The accurate diagnosis of disorders of consciousness such as coma and persistent vegetative state is a major challenge for clinicians.
Not only does the sick person in a vegetative state have the right to basic healthcare (warmth, cleanliness, hydration and nutrition) - such "natural" means of preserving life should be considered obligatory.
The woman - who can be referred to only as M - is not in a persistent vegetative state, but her family had called for her life-supporting treatment to be removed.
It set out to determine if amantadine given in a dose of 200-400 mg/day would improve functional recovery from posttraumatic vegetative state or minimally conscious state and if the gains in function persisted after the drug was discontinued.
A man in Belgium, presumed for five years to be in a vegetative state, has communicated with doctors through a brain scan that mapped his thoughts, a tool that may offer some people who cannot move or speak a line to the outside world.
A vegetative state is a condition in which the eyes are open and can move, and the patient has periods of sleep and periods of wakefulness, but remains unconscious and unaware of him or herself or others.