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Two years before the victimisation of the Street family, the most notorious vendetta in Birmingham's history was alluded to in a disturbing Birmingham case that was brought to notice on the front page of the Gloucestershire Echo.
Jones, however, stated that "he was given the small pistol to take care of when a vendetta was on in Garrison Lane, Birmingham, 24 years ago".
This Garrison Lane Vendetta had been a bloody feud between two local families and their allies.
Manfred Milinski and his colleagues from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Plon and the University of Gottingen found that vendettas among members of one group can remain viable over the long term.
Theoretical studies have concluded that dyadic vendettas do not endure.
Consequently, vendettas should arise - if at all - only in conflicts within a group of three or more individuals.
As a result of punishment for misconduct, vendettas regularly arose, especially when the original punishment was unjust or excessive.
Mr Mouzourakis, who was living under an alias with his two children and pregnant wife, was the sixth death attributed to a vendetta that began in May, 1994.