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It further declares that Protestantism "inherited many heresies but also added many more" by rejecting tradition, the veneration of saints, monasticism and sacraments, and tolerating women priests and homosexual marriages.
John Calvin's disdain for Catholic veneration of saints cast aspersions on journey to sacred sites, and Martin Luther contended that the only true pilgrimage was the pilgrimage of faith--the sacred journey in scripture.
As everyone knows, Protestants rejected the veneration of saints and angels, along with the sacred art in which they were depicted.
Basing her study largely on material evidence, Margo Todd draws attention to the survival of the cult of Saint John the Baptist in the Scottish burgh of Perth, long after John Knox thundered against "monuments to idolatry" and the kirk attempted to kill off the veneration of saints, saints' days, images, altars, and chapels.
Rahner does not use the term "intentionality" specifically in his reflection upon veneration of saints, but he does use it elsewhere to denote the human disposition and existential situation which is the result of divine gift.
This leads on to a discussion of the changing attitudes towards the veneration of saints (with particular emphasis paid to the Digby Mary Magdalen), to the English saints' plays in general, and finally to 'Signs of Doomsday in drama and art'.
Serafin of Glendale loaned his collection of relics to the museum in the hope that it will revive the veneration of saints and relics and build faith.
Mahmoud Ayoub's contribution focuses on an aspect of Middle East devotional culture--the veneration of saints.
In my rationalist frame of thinking, the Jewish veneration of saints seems like an aberration in Judaism.