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Accidents are how most venomous animals first come to scientific notice, Brodie says.
Chavez-Olortegui, corresponding author of the study, said that it is not easy taking venom from a spider, a snake or any other kind of venomous animal.
Different poisonous and venomous animals create toxins.
External cause category--the injury leading to death was caused by: transport accidents; falls; inanimate mechanical forces; animate mechanical forces; drowning and submersion; other threats to breathing; electric current, radiation and extreme ambient air temperature and pressure; smoke/ fire/flames; heat and hot substances; venomous animals and plants; forces of nature; poisoning by and exposure to noxious substances; or other and unspecified factors.
Alligators, monkeys, squirrels, spiders, horses, fish, and venomous animals such as certain snakes, lizards, and toads are examples of some of the animals excluded from VPI's list of insurable pets.
Medical toxicology of natural substances; foods, fungi, medicinal herbs, plants, and venomous animals.
Importantly, the total included admissions for other incidents including poisoning by prescription drugs, the toxic effect of detergents and contact with venomous animals.