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A glycoprotein from a folk medicinal plant, Withania somnifera, inhibits hyaluronidase activity of snake venoms.
TEHRAN (FNA)- For most people, a bee sting causes temporary pain and discomfort, but for those with a bee venom allergy, the consequences can be devastating: They experience anaphylactic shock, including a drop in blood pressure, itchy hives and breathing problems, and may die if not promptly treated.
Reaper spiders, or brown spiders, are a family of species found all over the world that produce harmful venoms.
Haast, who Ludwin cites as inspiration, built up his own immunity by injecting himself with venoms from 32 different kinds of dangerous snakes every day for more than 60 years.
Yajnavalka Banerjee said that the team aims to obtain an insight into the venoms of these nine species through diverse proteomic and suitable molecular biology techniques, which could lead to the identification of drug leads targeting some common human diseases.
Indications for VIT are based on documented true sensitization and allergic reactions to venoms from the respective offending insect.
Treatment of human leukemic cells, U937 and K562 (in vitro) with graded doses of venoms (BCV, NNV, VRV, NKV) for 24/48/72 h showed significant cell inhibition.
Venoms of true vipers (Viperinae) and of pit vipers (Crotalinae) contain hemotoxins, e.
Dozens of the animal kingdom's most dangerous creatures are set to start arriving at the Cheshire Oaks aquarium for the launch of Venom this Easter.
Daniel T Sellers, RALAT in the injection of venoms and swab collection was instrumental in the accomplishment of this protocol.
Taking venoms' fingerprints has allowed researchers to make surprising finds about how venom composition can vary, even venom that comes from the same animal.
Even though some biological significances of "colubrid" snake venoms are known, information in the specialized literature is sparse and the subject represents an open field to be explored.