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Foreign venture capital funds both US and non US are playing an active role in venture capital market in India.
The MBRT Venture Capital Fund will seek small, minority- and women-owned businesses that have developed proprietary products, strong margins, and excess rate of return, exceptional management, near-term revenues, and strong potential for stock liquidity.
SOFTBANK INVESTMENT currently manages 18 venture capital funds, making it one of the largest, most active venture capitalists in Asia.
Arora said, "I am excited at the opportunity to partner with Sudhir to build the leading venture capital fund in India.
From day one with VolumePR they understood our market needs as a venture capital fund.
Lightspeed recently announced the closing of Lightspeed VII, a $475 million early stage technology venture capital fund.
How a Venture Capital Fund Operates is an authoritative, insiders perspective on investment strategies, fund management, and best practices for success.
Private venture capital funds with as much money to deploy as Intel probably wouldn't consider investments of that size.
The Robertson Stephens Venture Capital Group currently has more than $350 million under management in three venture capital funds (RCS III, RCS Ltd.

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