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But the suggestion that this improving IPO activity will lead biotech venture investors to lucrative exits seems to be a bit premature and detached from the reality of these deals.
I have become a strong proponent of requiring that venture investors demand a "put right" (or, put option) as a contingency to committing venture capital to an angel round or early-stage equity financing.
Because the venture investor is a part owner, Heesen said, he "has as much interest in seeing you succeed as you do.
Hubris: Many venture investors (as well as entrepreneurs) seem to think they know it all--the smartest ones (on both sides) I've met know just how much they don't know.
He joined Venture Investors in 2000 and was appointed Managing Director of Venture Investors Early Stage Fund IV in 2006.
George Arida of Venture Investors and Kevin Etzkorn of Heron Capital are joining the Celleration Board.
Venture Investors, LLC, one of the premier providers of seed and early stage venture capital in the Midwest, invests in life sciences, information technology and engineering companies.
Arboretum, N(th) Power and Venture Investors each have demonstrated a real commitment to growing Michigan-based businesses and we are anxious to begin working with them.
The lead venture investors include Split Rock Partners, Pequot Ventures, Affinity Capital and Brightstone Capital.
Claremont Creek Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies, with investment professionals who are experienced managers and proven venture investors.
It is a broad based organization representing the diverse aspects of the venture capital industry in Israel, including all the major VC funds and other venture investors, service providers, technological incubators and the like.