Verbal note

VERBAL NOTE. In diplomatic language, memorandum or note not signed, sent when an affair has continued a long time without any reply, in order to avoid the appearance of an urgency, which, perhaps, the affair does not require; and, on the other hand, not to afford any ground for supposing that it is forgotten, or that there is no intention of not prosecuting it any further, is called a verbal note.

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The new regulation for 2015 was presented by the Russian side via verbal note on 25 November, 2013.
the meeting, Jado received a verbal note from Krause that Germany has pledged
Today, the Foreign Ministry summoned Charge d' Affaires of the Russian Federation in Ukraine Andrey Vorobyov to hand over a Verbal Note of protest against Russia's recognition of illegitimate Crimean Republic and the signing of the accord to include the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol into the Russian Federation.
A verbal note from Germany and the German Ambassador to Bulgaria followed, drawing attention to the double standards of the judiciary," Tsvetanov added.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs filed then a verbal note of protest to the OSCE and the four signatories of the document shifted responsibility onto each other.
A verbal note has been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) requesting for an investigation of the said incidents.
Morocco's Foreign Ministry received a verbal note in this regard from Papua New Guinean Foreign Minister expressing the decision of his country to withdraw its recognition of the so called SADR starting from March 30, 2011, Foreign Minister Taib Fassi Fihri said at a joint press conference in Rabat with Zambian peer Kabinga J.
explain why Cambra was detained and sent a verbal note of protest the Iranian
The Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the verbal note of protest from the Bulgarian authorities reacting to the alleged pressure being put on Bulgarians in Macedonia.
16) Juan Beigbeder y Atienza, Spanish Foreign Minister, to Marian Szumlakowski, Polish Minister Plenipoteniary and Charge d'Affaires to Spain, September 4, 1939, Letter (regretfully acknowledging receipt of Polish announcement of belligerency), LegR2221, Exp20, AMAE; Marian Szumlakowski, Polish Minister Plenipotentiary and Charge d'Affaires to Spain, to Juan Beigbeder y Atienza, Spanish Foreign Minister, Verbal Note, September 18, 1939, LegR1058, Exp5, AMAE.
A verbal note, in which the Philippines asserted its primary right of jurisdiction over the case, was conveyed Wednesday to the U.
The two ministers "reached a final accord and agreed to exchange a verbal note Thursday" for free access to the disputed islands of Etorofu, Shikotan, Kunashiri and the Habomai group of islets, the official said.