Verbal process

VERBAL PROCESS. In Louisiana, by this term is understood a written account of any proceeding or operation required by law, signed by the person commissioned to perform the duty, and attested by the signature of witnesses. Vide Proces Verbal.

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Subsequent to the closing of the Arrangement, Sunward was notified that Luisa Maria Escobar Wolf ("Escobar-Wolf") has filed a lawsuit in the Fifth Court of Orality of Circuit of Medellin, Colombia to advance a verbal process.
Sunward believes that this claim is without merit but it is too early to predict the outcome of the verbal process or the ultimate impact to Sunward.
They are a matter of logic insofar as logic itself may be understood as a verbal process and embraced by verbal analyses.
oral reading fluency for some children (by building their awareness of projections from verbal process clauses) (2005, p.
Verbal clauses projecting quoted speech contain (at least) a verbal Process and a Sayer, which is the participant responsible for the verbalising.
The sixth step of Confession is the active verbal process of taking ownership of one's problems in the presence of the group.
The authorities of financial control can require more explanations of the representative of whether employee of the economic agent, which to contribute at establishing some relevant elements of the activity of the economic agent, which can influence the verbal process of financial control.
Skinner wrote that "abstraction is a peculiarly verbal process because a nonverbal environment cannot provide the necessary restricted contingency" (1957, p.
Like every other verbal process, this, also, maybe be continued in infinitum: thus, What is conscience?
They postulate that thinking is not solely an abstract or verbal process but that it is tied up with sensory perception" (Schwarcz and Schwarcz 1).