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adjective audible, expressed, nuncupative, oral, parole, pronounced, recited, spoken, stated, unwritten, uttered, verbum, voiced, vox
Associated concepts: Statute of Frauds, verbal acts, verbal agreements, verbal contracts, verbal gift, verbal no fault threshold
See also: loquacious, nuncupative, oral, parol

VERBAL. Parol; by word of mouth; as verbal agreement; verbal evidence. Not in writing.

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Disagreement is an interesting verbal operant that typically evokes cognitive explanations.
Apparent meaninglessness can also be defined in relation to the behavioral history of an entire verbal community.
Language is behavior and the same behavioral principles and procedures that are common to nonverbal behavior are applicable to verbal behaviors (Skinner, 1957).
This was a language assessment program for developmentally disabled individuals based on Skinner's (1957) verbal operants.
His analysis of verbal behavior, as he preferred to call it, includes an innovative analysis of grammar, word order, and meaning (Hegde, 2008b) which is unfamiliar to most SLPs.
Skinner's analysis is functional in the sense that it seeks to identify variables that cause verbal behaviors.
Different verbal behaviors are acquired during the course of development, each with a specific function, which Skinner termed verbal operants.
The starting point in the development of a verbal behavior intervention plan for children with ASDs is the mand (Brady, Saunders, & Spradlin, 1994; Drash, High, & Tudor, 1999; Sundberg & Michael, 2001).
Given these relationships, Skinner provided categories for the analysis of verbal behavior, called verbal operants.
Reports of a student including phrases such as "not verbal," or "non-verbal," can lead to erroneous conclusions.
In speaking to issues relevant to human verbal behavior, B.
Key words: verbal behavior, Verbal Behavior, behavior analysis, B.

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