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This line marks the vertical plane through which the Q-BAM image in the top third of the figure was made.
Perelandra, where Ransom travels in the trilogy's second novel of the same name, also exhibits a geographic perpendicularity like Malacandra's that points upward along the vertical plane toward the divine.
The vertical plane model of AUV is linearized for predefined operating conditions to extract the linear model.
In rats, the opposing eye movements between left and right eye mean that the line of vision varies by as much as 40 degrees in the horizontal plane and up to 60 degrees in the vertical plane.
As shown in Figure 4(a), the proposed GPS antenna in the vertical plane has a maximum value of 9.
Equivalents to every position in the horizontal plane of the directivity diagram are traced in the vertical plane of the same diagram.
The position of the light source can be defined by the half top angle of the cone ([theta]) and the angle of rotation of the line-of-light around the cone's axis ([phi]), measured from the vertical plane through the line-of-sight.
The third tower's vertical plane faces the University's athletic fields and facilities.
The first plane of measurement, Plane L, is the vertical plane passing through the Longitudinal axis of the air jet, in the center of the room (plane Y=0).
The intersection of that line, on a third vertical plane, is the material's final IV.
Simulation example with two robots with two revolute joints in horizontal and vertical plane demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.