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VESSEL, mar. law. A ship, brig, sloop or other craft used in navigation. 1 Boul. Paty, tit. 1, p. 100. See sup.
     2. By an act of congress, approved July 29, 1850, it is provided that any person, not being an owner, who shall on the high seas, willfully, with. intent to burn or destroy, set fire to any ship or other vessel, or otherwise attempt the destruction of such ship or other vessel, being the property of any citizen or citizens of the United States, or procure the same to be done, with the intent aforesaid, and being thereof lawfully convicted, shall suffer imprisonment to hard labor, for a term not exceeding ten years, nor less than three years, according to the aggravation of the offence.

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6) For Hildegard Lewy, Zimri-Lim kept his throne as Hammurabi's vessal for two decades until Mari was destroyed by the Kassites.
Tenders are invited for Providing Chairs to Mandapam, Cooking vessels, Gas stoves, serving vessals, RO water purifying system to Ambedhkar Thirumana Mandapam in Tambaram Municipality