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Next, test the vestibulo-ocular reflex by grasping the patient's head and performing small, fast head rotations.
After the final gentamicin injection, all patients had vestibular therapy consisting of oculomotor exercises, balance retraining, and gait training to normalize vestibulo-ocular reflex and improve functional balance and mobility.
In a recent study of oculomotor function in thirty patients with MSA, (8) excessive square-wave jerks were observed in 21 of the patients, a mild supranuclear gaze palsy in eight patients, a gaze-evoked nystagmus in 12 patients, a positioning down-beat nystagmus in 10 out of 25 patients, mild-moderate saccadic hypometria in 22 patients, impaired smooth pursuit movements in 28 patients, and reduced vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR) suppression in 16 out of 24 patients.