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VIA. A cart-way, which also includes a foot-way and a horse-way. Vide Way.

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Most people don't have any idea how hot a via gets.
Conventional benchtop methods of filling vias are heavily reliant upon manual processes; typically, a human operator uses a squeegee to force material into the vias through a stencil.
Removing the blind vias connecting layers 1 to 2 and 7 to 8, however, would reduce this to two lamination cycles.
If there are insufficient stitching vias (or bypass capacitors) to provide a return path, or if multiple signal vias share the same return path, a great deal of via-to-via crosstalk can occur.
We are excited to be working with an innovative company like VIA on their new dynamic physical power flow," stated Andrew Yang, CEO of Apache.
For vias to be transparent, the first step is to minimize the stub length, then worry about designing a 50[ohm] via.
In FIGURE 5, the vias in the center area of the BGA are aligned either vertically or horizontally, and diagonally in the corners.
GORE-TEX, Via on Chip Pitch, and MICROLAM, are trademarks of W.
2+N+2 = Type III (Layer 1:2, 2 to 3 microvias with buried vias in a laminated core)
Our Micro-island Via technology enables fine line geometries and smaller vias, significantly increasing routing density and reducing trace lengths.