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There is no 'silver bullet' when it comes to Revenue Assurance, and Vibrant Solutions is one of the first vendors to recognize the need to productize solutions that address specific areas of revenue leakage that can occur throughout the customer lifecycle.
New Applications Provide Fast, Flexible Revenue-Recovery Solutions Vibrant Solutions' OVV and ORR applications provide carriers with a fast, flexible, and effective way to sort through the vast piles of front and back- office data, to find the significant revenue recovery opportunities in their current OSS/BSS investment.
Vibrant Solutions' Order Verification and Validation (OVV) application identifies lost revenue and discrepancies between a carrier's Order Management and Billing systems, including customer errors, under- and over-billing situations, incorrect product features and charges, and erroneous rates.
These new applications, along with our strategic alliances with customers and partners, showcase Vibrant Solutions' continued commitment to innovation and new offerings as well as demonstrate our goal for finding the maximum amount of revenue for our customers," said Rich LaPerch, CEO of Vibrant Solutions.
Vibrant Solutions and PWC are recognized leaders in the Cost and Revenue Management space, and since March 2002, they have cooperated together on a number of market, sales/customer and product initiatives.
The real benefit of applications like OVV and ORR is that it is not just another list of discrepancies, they are products that we developed to empower the carrier with the ability to manage and quickly bring results to the bottom line," said Bob Becklund, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Vibrant Solutions.
In addition to these new OVV and ORR applications, Vibrant Solutions' Revenue Assurance suite includes applications for Network Usage Assurance (NUA) and Interconnect Compensation Assurance (ICA).
Both Vibrant Solutions and PricewaterhouseCoopers will be exhibiting and speaking at the TeleStrategies Revenue Assurance Spring 2003 conference, April 10-11 in New Orleans, LA.
Vibrant Solutions is the recognized worldwide leader in providing Cost and Revenue Management solutions for service providers.