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A claimed that the trustees of the Loughborough Blackbrook Congregation and of the Loughborough Southwood Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses, the successors of the Loughborough Limehurst Congregation, were vicariously liable for the assaults, and for the actions of the Limehurst elders who, in 1990, failed to take steps to protect her once they knew Stewart had assaulted another child in the congregation.
On the other hand, the potential risks misuse of social media can present include: employers being vicariously liable for employees bullying or harassing colleagues online; breaching data protection or anti-discrimination laws by using online information in job application vetting processes; loss of confidential information; and reputational damage from public online comments.
This verdict will have serious future ramifications for MDVIP, which has now been held to be vicariously liable for its physicians.
The judgment re-establishes that the directors and the shareholders cannot be made vicariously liable in criminal matters.
The Plaintiff claims that both Defendants are vicariously liable to the Plaintiff in respect of the wrongs committed by the said bouncers or security men.
Under the facts of this hypothetical scenario, it is easy to see that the doctor will be vicariously liable for the negligent act of the assistant.
In order for employers such as provincial authorities or hospitals to be vicariously liable for the wrongful conduct of their employees, the persons suing them must show that the employees had committed an unlawful act or omission while acting in the course and scope of their employment--even if the work was carried out in an improper way.
The Archbishops were, and remain, vicariously liable for the sexual abuse and assaults of Father Penney and for the injury and damage which the claimant suffered as a result of Father Penney's acts.
Under the doctrine of "respondeat superior" ("let the master respond"), an employer may be held vicariously liable for the torts committed by an employee within the scope of employment.
A federal court in Arizona has agreed with a growing number of jurisdictions that a franchisor is vicariously liable for the actions of its franchisee only if the franchisor exerts control over the very instrumentality that caused the alleged harm.
In addition, employers will now be vicariously liable for the actions of employees who treat a colleague detrimentally for blowing the whistle.
An employer will be vicariously liable for victimisation of a whistle-blower by a colleague, who will also be personally liable.