Vice versa

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VICE VERSA. On the contrary; on opposite sides.

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3 - Transportation of personnel of military units 28860 - Gorna Malina town of Botevgrad to employment and vice versa.
We feel fortunate that our partners continue to show fait in us and that we are able to continue to deliver increased value to both the consumer and our partners even in the current market conditions" said Ole Milan, co-founder of Vice Versa, and responsible for the international roll out.
The duties of the state with respect to marriage are dictated by the rights and duties of spouses with respect to their marriage and family, not vice versa, unly totalitarianism has had and will continue to have problems with this idea.
coli out of two inverters for which the output protein of one is the input protein of the other, and vice versa.
We randomized 21 adults to receive either triamcinolone/bupivacaine on the left side and saline on the right or vice versa.
The "originals" here seem like representations of the novel rather than vice versa.
The software enables security applications to accept information from IT information systems and vice versa.
First-timers often don't know what to expect, he says, adding, "Younger people tend to think it's going to be all older people, and vice versa.
More than just a montage of wintry pictures, however, Sokolowski's film by its formal construction explores that nebulous but critical artistic region where abstraction, by some artistic alchemy, actually becomes representation, and vice versa, Influenced by Lawren Harris and Pierre Hebert, not to mention Michael Snow, Sokolowski's work is an intelligent, even witty a esthetic engagement with not only the landscape we inhabit, but also the protean artistic means by which we represent it.
Working with TIBCO allows our design chain customers access to supply chain information, and vice versa," said Kevin McDonough, ChipData president and CEO.
com and the new magazine will share content with Media Central properties, such as Folio magazine and Book Publishing Report newsletter, and vice versa.
Cooper agreed with John Kelsey-Fry QC, for John Matthews, that calls on the two racedays showed "the frequency of contact between a number of defendants, Matthews and Moore and vice versa, Matthews and Butler and vice versa, and Moore and Gill", and accepted that the full schedule put the days "into context with the men's normal telephone activity".