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If the existing government has to go, the vice-regal representative acts when it is clear who can successfully govern--that is to say, win votes of confidence.
The most famous case involving vice-regal discretion is linked to the career of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, whose name by definition looms large in any discussion of the conventions of responsible government.
For a vice-regal representative not to do this but set out on his or her own to find another prime minister would be to venture onto the slippery ground of politics (the very place where the representative of the Crown must not go, multiple urgings by academics, pundits, and assorted other experts to the contrary).
My own view is that the way in which a wise vice-regal office-holder attempts to exercise the "rights" attributed to him by Bagehot is determined very greatly by the relationship between the Governor General or the Lieutenant Governor on one hand, and the Prime Minister or the Premier on the other.
But that neither diminishes nor destroys the powers vested in the vice-regal office.
Chief among the vice-regal constitutional duties--indeed, one could accurately call it the first and most important responsibility of any Lieutenant Governor or the Governor General--is to ensure that the Queen's government continues to function.
He omits or misconstrues some facts and precedents essential to trying to discern the constitutional conventions applicable to the vice-regal offices.
Although McWhinney acknowledges in a handy appendix the Governor General's right under constitutional convention to refuse to sanction potentially controversial post-election patronage appointments proposed by an outgoing government, his commentary in the main text forecloses all possibility of a vice-regal refusal to approve orders-in-council.
None of the above should be taken as an invitation to vice-regal representatives to dismiss first ministers, but it does remain not only a clear legal power of a Lieutenant Governor or Governor General, but also in extraordinary circumstances, in accordance with constitutional practice.
Undoubtedly the first and most important task of any vice-regal representative is the appointment of a Prime Minister or Premier, and following from that, on the advice of the First Minister, the appointment of cabinet ministers.
That "feeling" of the North must have in part been personified by the variety of colourful characters who shared the train with the vice-regal party.
The Vice-regal party then embarked on the Hudson's Bay Company steamer, S.