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If the orange butterfly was a viceroy, Limenitis archippus, most biologists would have answered yes.
New research indicates, however, that the viceroy has successfully deceived scientists, not birds.
Platt of the University of Maryland-Baltimore County in Catonsville, is that the viceroy evolved from a group of tasty admiral butterflies.
Viceroy caterpillars, in contrast, feed on nontoxic willows, and this suggests that viceroy butterlies somehow manufacture their own chemical defense, Vane-Wright says.
For example, Ritland and Brower's results suggest that the viceroy may actually be a "Mullerian" mimic of the monarch.
He speculates that the viceroy butterfly's own chemical defense evolve because birds learned that not all orange-colored butterflies would cause them to vomit.
Because all of the viceroy's ancestors are dark-colored, many biologists suspect the viceroy spent most of its evolutionary history evolving as a mimic of the monarch, Ritland says.
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