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VIEWERS. Persons appointed by the courts to see and examine certain matters, and make a report of the facts together with their opinion to the court. In practice they are usually appointed to lay out roads and the like. Vide Experts.

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1 million viewers to rank as the most-watched cable program of 2010.
Through early November, NBC had lured more than 10 million online viewers to get a taste of its new shows.
The transition has been a slow and subtle change, but viewers and advertisers are starting to take note.
In our final two examples, both photographers try to pull viewers into a conversation by shooting over the backs of listeners.
Another strength of her book lies in the attention she gives to Bellini's consciousness of the viewer of his paintings.
While in Beta, Veoh offered viewers the widest range of options available of where and when to watch Veoh's DVD-quality video content.
CBS' target audience of older viewers is the most loyal - younger viewers chase trends wherever they may appear and hardly limit their choices to the networks.
While in As Yet Untitled the moral gravity is felt when viewers become conscious of their ability to control the fate of the photographs, viewers of Sneeze feel the strongest sense of responsibility at the moment when control is lost.
The mobile device enables television viewers to participate in and influence the outcome of these types of reality shows in a completely new way," said Steve Leonard, General Manager Motricity, Off-Deck.
I really do believe the people who are glued to their computers will stay glued to their computers, and the people who are traditional viewers of Headline News are not going to be enchanted,'' Marlane said.
In the central train station, on "Bizz Board" screens that usually feature trailers for upcoming films, Janssens presented Phosphenes (Fireflies), 1997/99, an image of two people pressing their fingertips to their eyelids, accompanied by a moving text proposing that viewers do the same in order to experience "colorful and luminous patterns.
While multichannel operators have historically been able to build interesting walled-garden consumer applications, Zodiac enables iTV experiences that are personalized, relevant, and free for viewers--we give viewers what they want, when they want it," said Michael Rivkin, CEO of Zodiac Interactive.