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As they review the information, students can turn to the Research Guide within the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center for analysis and critical thinking tools they can use to evaluate facts and arguments, and to decide for themselves whether to accept, reject or suspend judgment about a claim.
The Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center fills a growing need in the market by providing students with the ease of online research and the interactivity of web-based course enhancements.
The Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center can be used in conjunction with InfoTrac(R) College Edition and NewsEdge, additional online services from Thomson, providing a full suite of news, research, and opinion articles.
We know our users love the advanced graphics they receive when searching and bookmarking through our toolbar," says Jay Amato, Viewpoint CEO and president.
At launch, the Viewpoint Exchange offers news from The New York Times, weather from The Weather Channel, Dictionary functionality, Viewpoint Search, Search categories, Horoscopes, and a Toolbar Skin Community with seven new toolbar skins that include animations and dynamic content functionality.