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WINDOW. An opening made in the wall of a house to admit light and air, and to enable those who are in to look out.
     2. The owner has a right to make as many windows in his house when not built on the line of his property as he may deem proper, although by so doing be may destroy the privacy of his neighbors. Bac. Ab. Actions in general, B.
     3. In cities and towns it is evident that the owner of a house cannot open windows in the partition wall without the consent of the owner of the adjoining property, unless he possesses the right of having ancient lights. (q.v.) The opening of such windows and destroying the privacy of the adjoining property, is not, however, actionable; the remedy against such encroachment is by obstructing them, without encroaching upon the rights of the party who opened them, so as to prevent a right from being acquired by twenty years use. 3 Camp. 82.

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In this paper, at first, image quality degradation according to the various resolutions is analyzed by applying a software viewport resolution scaling (VRS) technique.
This module uses a separate viewport to display a table containing the position and values of additional fields traced along the trajectories (e.
Viewports have the same purpose in both programs; they offer a window from the paper layout into the 1:1 drawing and control the visibility of the classes/layers and the drawing scale.
But with 50 years' experience, we asked to add two new forward-looking viewports and make them bigger, so pilots and scientists could work together more efficiently.
For example, if you have an FPS, you can keep moving the mouse to the left, indefinitely (if it hits the edge of your mousepad, pick it up put it on the other end and repeat) and the viewport will keep changing.
NewTek continues to innovate with LightWave 10, offering powerful new features and benefits to LightWave artists, including an amazingly photoreal real-time version of our award-winning renderer, VPR (Viewport Preview Renderer) and advanced, real-time CG hardware viewport shading, delivering Anaglyph Stereo, Ambient Occlusion, Transparency, Refractions, and Bloom.
0 export for real-time 3D object display in Flash; clone and array tools for easy multi-object editing and scene development; bump map material support and texture mapping; background tracing images and multi-path support within Extrusion and Lathe Editors; as well as advanced lighting with soft shadow rendering and improved viewport camera controls.
To set the actual scale, a viewport must be created on paper space.
It uses the AutoCAD paper space, viewport and specific layer visibility to set up drawing views of aligned section.
Some of the enchancements include virtually unlimited undo/rollback capability; multiple viewport display capability; toolpath tool traversal visualization; hidden line toolpath display; pre-select hightlighting; expanded display color management; advanced 3D, high-speed machining for SolidSuufacer; support for 3D Material Only; and support for more advanced tool shapes, such as tapered
The solutions presented include building custom GWT widgets, implementaing a viewport class that includes iPhone-style automated scrolling, combining Hibernate and GWT to implement database-backed web applications, dynamically resizing flex tables, and using GWT widgets in legacy applications with other frameworks.
The acrylic, 360-degree hatch, winch doubles as a viewport, comes down over his head.