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But villagers hatched a rescue package which urged residents to donate pounds 50 each and become members of the co-operative Penhow Village Shop Ltd.
We have turned a traditional village shop into a modern, trendy place and customers are quite surprised when they walk in.
The village shop stocks a diverse range of goods, including a news bill, pet supplies, local foods, groceries, gifts and greetings cards.
If you want village shops and businesses to continue, then give them your support.
A site at Lucker Hall, which has been derelict for almost 20 years following a fire, could soon be used for a village shop.
will necessitate the relocation of the Village shop to existing municipal facilities in the Village and works yards.
It was 23,000 miles - and the village shop bag went with us every step of the way.
He said: "A lot of it is just about having somewhere to walk to, that's an often over looked part of what the village shop means to the community.
But Barry Cleverdon and his socially-conscious neighbours have saved the soul of a community with their resident-owned village shop.
Now in its fifth year, SAVE (Sainsbury's Assisting Village Enterprise) is a critical partnership with Sainsbury's, ViRSA, ACRE and The Post Office that helps to keep the humble village shop alive.
In fact, I still remember the name of the last enquirer in this area, a certain Captain Barraclough, and the family name still appears in the local telephone directory Sadly, the village shop that we sent the order through, like too many other village shops, has closed the shutters for the last time.