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Chute Middle School and King Arts are hosting much-anticipated events to distribute the mobile devices to each student and launch the VILS program supported by Digital Promise on Tuesday evening, October 28, at Chute Middle School (1400 Oakton Street), and Wednesday, October 29, at 6 p.
All District 65 students participating in the VILS program supported by Digital Promise were required to take a Digital Citizenship course prior to receiving their devices.
When the vet told Mell surgery on the dog's broken front leg would cost another $1,000, Vils helped Mell find a vet that would do it for less.
org/initiatives/digital-promise-schools so that other educators can learn from VILS teachers' experiences and emulate best practices.
In the 2014-15 school year the eight schools in the VILS program supported by Digital Promise will reach an additional 350 teachers and nearly 5,000 students.
Rose Stuckey Kirk, Verizon's vice president of global corporate citizenship and president of the Verizon Foundation, said: We are encouraged that our VILS schools are demonstrating meaningful benefits.
The key findings of the evaluation and research, conducted in January by ISTE, indicate that, in general, students of VILS teachers showed stronger gains in mathematics than students from comparison schools.
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