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The Vindicators goes deep into Sicilian history, starting with the Easter 1282 uprising against the rule of French-born King Charles I, who had ruled Sicily since 1266.
Caption: ABOVE RIGHT: Meggitt's Vindicator II UAV-T looks like an impressive piece of technology you'd like to keep around, but unfortunately, that's not its job.
Vindicators comprise a quarter of the sample and are preoccupied with opposing the perceived gross injustice of their child's compulsory adoption.
As Walzer asserts, the "outer limit" of any surrender by Aggressor to Victim, and any Vindicator, is the construction and maintenance of a new kind of domestic political regime within Aggressor, one more peaceable, orderly, and pro-human rights in nature.
One also might think that the call for the Constitution outside the courts promises to liberate constitutional theory from its court-centeredness--whether it be the court-centeredness of those who are obsessed with courts as vindicators of rights or of those who are obsessed with the institutional limits of courts--or, in Mark Graber's term, to "delegalize" constitutional theory.
Not offending double-action wheel gunners, EAA imports Italian Vindicators in calibers .
Second Place Winners: Vehicle Vindicators - Cars Producing Oxygen: The Power of Photosynthesis Marvin Ridge High School Waxhaw, NC
Most Vindicators are destroyed in normal operation, but this grinning UAV will be able to spend the rest of his days in the War Museum's LeBreton Gallery.
It is possible for selfless vindicators of the rights of the oppressed to become brutal overseers who happen to speak the language of natural rights.
There was no doubt of the leathernecks' fighting spirit, which was bolstered in late May with the arrival of 16 SBD-2 Dauntless dive-bombers, a distinct improvement over the Vindicators.
Tuesday Division One: Cartwright All-Stars 2, Vindicators 1; Cardiff Bay Tigers 6, Hawthorn Sunday 2;