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Most Vindicators have not met their child's adopters but nonetheless denigrate their motives.
We should also expect, to return to rehabilitation in general, a formal apology by Aggressor to Victim and any Vindicator for its aggression.
After spending two days on display at CANSEC 2010, a very cheerful looking Vindicator II unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Meggitt Training Systems Canada made his way to the Canadian War Museum on June 3.
Sixteen pilots and gunners, including Fleming and his gunner, Corporal Eugene Card, flew SBD-2s, with the remaining 11 crews flying Vindicators.
Tuesday Division One: Cartwright Allstars 5, FNoses 0; Windsor Wanders 0, City Central 5; The Caerau 4, CPM 2; Thornhill Tornados 11, Vindicators 3; Cardiff Bay Tigers 10, Gilesport Scousers 3.
VINDICATORS and Thornhill Tornados had results go their way to snatch a three-point lead over the chasing pack in Tuesday Division One.
An exciting battle has developed for second place in Tuesday Division One with Vindicators, City Central and Thornhill Tornados all on 24 points behind runaway leaders The Caerau.
Tuesday Division One: Athletico 4, Windsor Wanderers 6; Hawthorn Sunday 8, Vindicators 10; Thornhill Tornadoes 2, City Central 4;
Tuesday Division One: Thornhill Tornados 1, Cartwright Allstars 3; Hawthorn Sunday 6, Gilesport Scousers 5; Athletico 4, Cardiff Bay Tigers 3; City Central 11, CPM 0; Windsor Wanders 1, The Caerau 18; Vindicators 9, F-Noses 4.
Windsor Wanders 4, Thornhill Tornadoes 5; CPM 9, Hawthorn Sundays 3; City Central 5, Gilesports Scousers 2; Athletico 10, Vindicators 4.