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9 Bifaces et fragments 12 3 8 Percuteur 1 Pointes de projectile 1 2 1 Lame de cache 1 5 fragments Grattoirs sur eclats 5 11 1 Grattoirs bifaciaux 3 1 Pieces esquillees 2 1 4 Eclats retouches 10 3 Eclats utilises 32 2 10 Pierre de briquet 1 Polissoir Gre s fin Poids de filet 1 Pyrites de fer 3 Poterie Vinette 1 4 Boule d'ocre rouge 1 Total 3460 16 36 2 56 [Part 2 of 2] Tableau 3: Les artefacts decouverts dans la structure n[degrees] 10, site Lambert
Vinette added: "The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic; it just had such an amazing, vibrant, Jamaican feel to it.
From the makers of Bad Girls and Waterloo Road comes this fabulously funny series, starring Alex Kingston, Sian Reeves, Christine Bottomley and Vinette Robinson.
ER's Alex Kingston, Cutting It's Sian Reeves, The Street's Christine Bottomley and The Passion actress Vinette Robinson play the ex-cons trying to go straight in BBC's 1 new Sunday night family drama.
It is BBC1's summer Sunday night primetime drama and boasts a stellar cast including Alex Kingston, Ronnie Ancona, Annette Crosbie and rising stars Christine Bottomley and Vinette Robinson.
Maggie Lynda Bellingham Kitty Heather Craney Yolanda Adjoa Andoh Reefie Victor Romero Evans Sly Javone Prince Naomi Vinette Robinson Andre Marcel McCalla Antonio Jason Frederick Angel Lorna Gayle
Schell DM, Barnett BA, Vinette KA (1998) Carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios in zooplankton of the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort seas.
With: Tamzin Griffin, Angus Wright, Steven Crossley, Rhydian Jones, Vinette Robinson, Jamle R.
Dunn also has been a news analyst and political commentator on TV in Miami and since 1987 has been featured with a Florida historical vinette on Channel 13.
When it all goes wrong, the girls - Alex, Christine, Sian Reeves and Vinette Robinson - end up buying a knackered Hope Springs hotel in a bid to hide away in a remote neck of the woods.

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