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I recommend this book for anyone interested in obtaining a broad perspective on the emergence of viral diseases that affect humans.
Were this to be done, Pathology and Pathogenesis of Human Viral Disease could serve as a handy companion volume to many of the standard virology course textbooks.
Professor McGuigan's work with Professor's Erik De Clercq and Jan Balzarini from the Rega Institute has led to the portfolio of FermaVir's proprietary medical technologies and clinical candidates planned for development to treat a family of viral diseases related to herpes.
We're reminded every day that if people with viral disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or emphysema only knew about us, we might be able to help save their lives.
FermaVir is also developing a compound that could provide the first improved effective treatment in years for Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection, a currently incurable viral disease from the herpes family that can threaten eyesight as well as cause severe morbidity and mortality.
ISLAMABAD -- With the change in weather conditions, hospitals and clinics of the federal capital have been observing a massive rush of patients suffering from viral diseases since last many days.
He said that the rain water mixed with sewage, poor sanitation condition, unhygienic food cause viral diseases like Cholera, Diarrhoea, Malaria and gastro.
Avexa and CSIRO aim to share expertise in an effort to discover new drugs for the treatment of serious human viral diseases.
be used either directly in the treatment of patients with corresponding viral diseases, as vehicles for the delivery of nucleic acids that can serve as therapeutic agents and as part of vaccines designed to immunize people or animals against viral diseases.
The Company is also conducting preclinical studies on a systemic formulation of LIDAKOL to stimulate activity against other viral diseases, including HIV, Hepatitis C and cytomegalovirus.
Mouse studies suggest that five of the most commonly used antimalaria drugs may make individuals especially susceptible to viral diseases, including AIDS.