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I know Viren did it twice, I know others did it before that, Zatopek and so forth, (but) distance running now is more competitive by far than it ever has been before.
Pre ran full-out from the front, then faded near the end to finish fourth (while Viren won).
Prior to this assignment, Viren has successfully managed several multi-national organizations as the CEO / Managing Director.
This was followed 50 years later by another flying Finn Viren who completed a remarkable 5,000 and 10,00m double in 1972 and 1976 while doing very little else in his career.
Soon an argument ensues when Bhatti double-crosses Viren, who loses all his business savings.
When the pair flee to the picturesque mountains of north India, role reversal is milked for laughs, as the meek, wellmeaning Viren follows the lead of his bossy, entitled "victim," who merrily scams a gas station attendant en route.
Duron Thompson, 19, of Basil Street, Viren Lad, 17, of Winston Terrace, 17-year-old Hassan Adam, of Ventnor Street, and 18-year-old Sophie Arnold, of Ormondroyd Avenue, all pleaded guilty to the two robbery charges.
The bride's father Viren Bhatia, managing director of Oilfield and Technical Supply Centre, who organised the event with his wife Rekha, said: "We are a family who have been here for more than 200 years.
According to Viren Grover, Vice-Chairman at Pinnacle Biologics, "It is clear that CT scans have revolutionized diagnostic imaging and while they can provide great medical benefits, there is concern that diagnostic CT scans may be responsible for elevating genomic instability processes.
The winner of two gold medals for long-distance running at Munich in 1972, Lasse Viren was rumored--according to McKenzie's press release--to have engaged in "blood freezing" (that is, to have received transfusions using blood that had been frozen and was then returned to the body, to increase red-blood cell levels) and so could be said to embody several notions of coolness.
Fellow graduate Viren Jani added: "It was absolutely fantastic to meet up with my old classmates, extremely informative and in all, a happy experience.
Akshay's brother Viren has been helping in that transition.