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VIRGA. An obsolete word, which signifies a rod or staff, such as sheriffs, bailiffs, and constables carry, as a badge or ensign of their office.

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Constantly bite pieces off of the elephant and get them done," Virga advises.
As much as I enjoyed this second chapter in the Virga saga, in some ways it felt less like a second chapter to a larger tale and more like a picaresque side-tale .
It's really gotten off the ground and become sort of the tradition of the school," said Principal Matthew Devan, who replaced Virga this school year.
In October 1999, the company decided to try its luck in its home state, filing a trademark suit against Virga in Tennessee.
Jose Olivares, Joseph Demartini, Joshua Mauro, Julia Ravelson, Julianne Roderick, Justin Scott, Kailey Steele, Keith Daly, Keith Kittelson, Kelly Aldridge, Kerry Ditson, Kristen Hyman, Laura Stapler, Laurel Banach, Lindsey Hunter, Manan Jain, Matthew Georgian, Matthew Altomari, Megan Murphy, Melanie Keyes, Michael Paulina III, Nathan Kimmitt, Nathaniel May, Noman Khanani, Nora Donoghue, Paige Shea, Paul Markham, Paul Trotta, Paul Nergararian, Paula Feldmar, Pranav Lal, Rachel Rosen, Rebecca Leach, Rithika Kulathila, Ronald Vorce III, Ryan Kimmitt, Sara Rodriguez, Sara Briggs, Taryn Fernacz, Tricia Christie and Vincent Virga
The event, sponsored mutually by Joyce and Vince Virga, US Trust, and Ferrari Maserati of Fort Lauderdale, will be held May 30, 2012 at the Ferrari Maserati dealership and will feature a Ferrari Maserati Ride and Drive Experience for pre-registered participants.
according to CKO Kickboxing of San Diego owners Trisha Virga and Joe Virga.
The difficulty of distinguishing between a virga and a cephalicus, in this MS and sometimes elsewhere, should also be mentioned.
We have a lot of momentum coming out of 2006 and we intend to keep it going through 2007," said Vinnie Virga, president of Flooring America.
This is comparable to one of the standard etymologies of "virginals," derived from the Latin virga, a stick, referring to the key lever; the plural would refer to the numerous keys that make up one keyboard.
Subs: Pipolo, Rossi, Corvia, Scurto, Virga, Lanzaro, Briotti, Grillo, Curci, Cerci, Montella, Simonetta.