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The virtual learning environment also plays a major role in a European project called 'Grundtvig', which links learners in the Tees Valley and Durham with learning projects in France, Spain and Greece.
Newcastle University invites tenders for the supply and installation of a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for the University (as detailed within section 3 of the Invitation to Tender document) including support for our international sites e.
education technology innovator Instructure today announced it is bringing its Canvas virtual learning environment (VLE) to the UK with the opening of a London office and the appointment of a dedicated sales and customer success team.
Dace's virtual learning environment provides a space for lecturers to put notes, links to books, live chat rooms and a student discussion board.
Newcastle University has run a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for over 10 years for all programmes (except our Medical MBBS programme) and for over 20 000 students.
Highbury College started the process of reviewing its e-strategy in 2013-2014, involving staff and students in an appraisal of its existing Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and a review of current and emerging solutions.
Much good, innovative work has been done to introduce the virtual learning environment and ICT into the curriculum.
Students across the world are able to communicate, access course materials and meet as virtual discussion groups using the Blackboard Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
Swansea University's Department of Continuing Education is offering several art history modules to prospective students, through the university's virtual learning environment, Blackboard.
Under the Agreement, Smartlinx has agreed to provide the Live Tutor Virtual Learning Environment which includes Live Tutor LMS and Live Tutor Connect to Polsani Group for implementation across their different educational institutions.
Contract notice: Dard Cafre Virtual Learning Environment Solution.

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