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Shopping in 3D at a virtual store creates a unique experience, enhancing consumer confidence and reducing calls to the service center and the return of goods.
The virtual store displays product assortment from Alepa, which is one of S Group's grocery chains.
Our website and this virtual store are perfect options for busy consumers who don't have time to wait in line for a box of diapers or a tube of toothpaste.
In scenes reminiscent of sci-fi movie Minority Report, mobile technology is now so advanced that it means a retailer can set up a virtual store anywhere it likes within the country thanks to geo location know-how and a clever app designed by GoldRun.
WestJet will use the GuestLogix Mobile Virtual Store for its domestic and international flights.
The Kinset shopping browser utility needed for Brookstone's 3-D virtual store can be downloaded for free by visiting the same Web site.
The Virtual Store was an instant hit with visitors, who donned dark glasses and headed into the auditorium in their droves.
The Windows NT-based software enables reps to build virtual stores and walk through them, seeing where different products are placed and move them around, saving thousands of dollars on constructing physical models of shelving.
LOS ANGELES -- Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced today the first-ever virtual store in the UK to sell Blu-ray Discs and DVDs - powered by HMV's first-rate mobile app.

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