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We're pleased to see Crystal Vision Server XI get the recognition it deserves as one of the top mid-market products of the year," said John Woodburn, president of Woodburn Group.
At the Network Operations Centre (NOC) in India, redundant Nimbra Vision servers are connected to the network elements using both the in-band management channel of the Nimbra network and out-band connections over Tata's IP/MPLS network.
The VC-1 is a high-performance networked audio/video zone player that can stream audio and video from Vision servers, allowing playback of music, movies, and photos from any room of the home.
We've come to count on the high performance, scalability and reliability of its products and innovations like the Vision servers that allow us to enhance our offerings with features that deliver more value to our customers.
Operators and internet brands can deploy Vision servers for web and/or media on a single platform to support mobile usage, next generation portals, advertising, video, and location services.
As examples of the types of applications and services being built with the Vision servers and gateways, a Voice SMS application and a high-quality mobile TV service with interactive features will be demonstrated.