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Even if your baby's vision seems fine, it is important to get regular vision tests because damage can happen before your baby acts differently.
States that require drivers to pass vision tests to renew a driver's license have a lower incidence of traffic fatalities involving people over age 60 than do states that don't require such testing, a new study shows.
The Cambridge Colour Vision Test is an example of a commercially-available computerised test.
Surprisingly, of the hundreds of people who took the EyeSite vision test, over 60% of them had not had an eye exam in the last 2 years," said Bart Foster, CEO and Founder of SoloHealth.
The Enfant objectively detects issues earlier than traditional vision tests because it works by using VEP and proprietary software to evaluate the child's entire vision system (from the eye to the brain) without the need for the patient to respond.
The national survey of 1,011 adults conducted July 11-15 also found that a majority of Americans (89%) believe the simple vision screening -- a distance vision test using the big "E" (Snellen) chart -- is not a sufficient test and children should receive a comprehensive eye exam.
The New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division today announced the successful launch of a web-based vision test pilot program for motorists.
VisionRx is a vision test software company that specializes in developing clinical grade vision tests for use by doctors, DMVs, schools and industry.
New fault diagnostic tools consist of MultiScan(TM) vectorless test tools and Vision test.
Imagine being able to take your driving and vision test from home on your own personal computer one day.
Children with a family history of amblyopia or strabismus (misaligne eyes) should receive a reliable vision test early in life.
To learn if you are a candidate for INTACS micro-thin prescription inserts, take our quick vision test at www.