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Visual Net is the trendsetter when it comes to easy, quick access to valuable information," said Mary Macdonald, President of Macdonald & Associates, the leading source of information on venture capital activity in Canada.
VNE's visual mapping places data onto a powerful knowledge management and navigation interface, helping users get the information they need to do their job easier, faster, and more effectively.
One of Symantec's top Visual Cafe for Java customer requests is for more libraries," says Alan Williams, Senior Product Manager for Symantec's Internet Tools Division.
The company's line of Windows and Macintosh(R) products, including Cafe, Visual Cafe for Java and Visual Page have garnered widespread industry acceptance and have won numerous industry awards.
Visual Numerics' strategy is not only to participate in the development of new standards, but to provide new products based on these standards.
Additional information regarding JNL, documentation for the JNL application programmer's interface (API) and a downloadble beta version of JNL are available on the Visual Numerics Web site (www.
Under this agreement, Visual Systems remains a subsidiary of TietoEnator, with an independent image and corporate culture.
The agreement gives Visual Systems the best possible resources to serve our current and new clients in the future.
Microsoft, Visual Studio, BackOffice and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp.
Visual Numerics is also developing Computational Server technology which allows more computationally intensive operations to be performed on platforms more suited to that task, such as supercomputers.
Visual Numerics intends to add functionality to SmartTable to include the ability to call external custom-written functions from within the Java applet, a feature which will take collaborative working to a new level.