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Schlesinger took to stigmatizing Sidney Hook, his former ally in the liberal anti-Communist crusade of The Vital Center period, as the wrong kind of anti-Communist.
I can, however, live out of the vital center in myself as for instance when I experience a certain oneness with my people at the outbreak of war.
Hoeg paints London as the vital center of the modern civilized world, but it is also, "one of the largest habitats for nonhuman creatures on this earth.
And Clinton talks fatuously about "the vital center," a phrase that guarantees the continual blurring of the differences between Democrats and Republicans.
That, for me, was the heart of Schwartz's work, a juicy and vital center that could well give life to other forms.
In the first pages of The Vital Center, Schlesinger stressed the need for dynamic leadership in a democracy:
San Antonio is a vital center for NAFTA-related surface trade and logistics, with Interstate 35--the Pan American Highway--and Interstate 10 providing unparalleled distribution access for every direction in North America.
Thanks in no small part to Greater Jamaica, the Downtown has once again become a vital center of retail, civic institutions and culture," said Congressman Gregory Meeks, who said he put BDG president and CEO Ed Blumenfeld together with Greater Jamaica president Carlisle Towery to develop the retail plan.
After its expulsion from Poland in 1660, Socinianism found a new and vital center among the Dutch, whose intellectual and mercantile reach provided a network for spreading Socinian books and ideas.
The vital center described a community of white, middle class, two-parent families with faith in the virtue of their leaders and in the moral superiority of a free market.
Development that preserves community character, housing that serves a range of income groups, a vital center and improved transportation will lead to a better quality of life for all our citizens.