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In this case, the mother elected to feed her child commercial infant formula, which corrected the vitamin deficiency.
Weak but nonsignificant improvements with supplementation were observed in subjects older than 75 years and among subjects with an increased risk for vitamin deficiency.
It's not a direct result of stress, grief, neglect, family conflict, vitamin deficiency, poisoning, a blow on the head, chronic alcoholism, the normal aging process or a lack of blood or oxygen to the brain.
He says he now worries that for people on the cusp of developing the disease, vitamin deficiency might tip the balance.
The doctor said I had a vitamin deficiency and that my bone was practically decaying.
Tests then revealed that, as well as being anaemic, Johnson also had a vitamin deficiency which had wreaked further havoc with her performance.
If anything, there's a serious lack of a vitamin deficiency in mainstream comedy while niche comedy is stronger than Xena on steroids.
More recently of course it has been discovered to be a simple vitamin deficiency but it is the way that the cures for the disease came about that this book focuses on.
But in some cases this problem can be due to a vitamin deficiency, so if you're noteating a rounded healthy diet including fresh fruit and vegetables then improving your eating habits may help A visit to the dentist can also address changes in mouth shape caused by the loss of teeth or reduction in muscle bulk.
In general, anorexia nervosa is not characterized by vitamin deficiency.
In addition, the elderly and those who avoid all animal products are at higher risk of vitamin deficiency.
If the excesses of the night before have left you with severe vitamin deficiency then several helpings of vegetables is just what you need.