Viva Voce

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Viva Voce

[Latin, With the living voice; by word of mouth.] Verbally; orally.

When applied to the examination of witnesses, the term viva voce means oral testimony as opposed to testimony contained in depositions or affidavits.

Viva voce voting is voting by speech, as distinguished from voting by a written or printed ballot.

VIVA VOCE. Living voice; verbally. It is said a witness delivers his evidence viva voce, when he does so in open court; the term is opposed to deposition. It is sometimes opposed to ballot; as, the people vote by ballot, but their representatives in the legislature, vote viva voce.

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The subjectivity of viva voce scoring has led to their being criticised for poor reliability.
The initial stage of this research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to women who had experienced, or were about to experience, a viva voce examination, as well as to supervisors and examiners.
On successfully defending the dissertation in presence of renowned external national expert, viva voce committee, faculty members and postgraduate research students, the Scholar was recommended for award of Ph.
Summer Camp Festival, featuring Death Cab for Cutie, Built to Spill, the Decemberists, Pedro the Lion and Viva Voce, 4 p.
The select committee decided to give him and co-appointee Prof Stephen Nickell a viva voce - and, to everyone's astonishment, failed him on the grounds that members were 'disappointed' with his answers to their questions.
Candidates who have passed the written examination will be intimated of schedule of Medical Examination, Psychological Assessment and Viva Voce.
Nazir Ahmed Sangi, Vice-Chancellor, Allama Iqbal Open University during MBA Viva Voce Examination for Ghulam Abu Talib appeared from the University of Delaware, USA through Video Conferencing System arranged by the Department of Business Administration.
A student-friendly pile-up of bands including music from Clor, the Kooks, the Departure, Viva Voce and many more.
A Part-I and Part-II regular candidates have to appear in both for practical and viva voce whereas external candidates have to appear for viva voce only.
Islamabad, April 10, 2011 (Frontier Star): Viva Voce of the short listed candidates regarding competitive examination CSS (2010) would be held under the auspices of Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) from 12 April.
When this news flashed in print media the university conducted his viva voce and he qualified MS.
The viva voce of the written qualified candidates was held from 4-1-2010 to 11-06-2010.