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The researchers also noted some significant differences between emissions produced by volatile fatty acids and aromatics and emissions produced by sulfide compounds.
As is illustrated by the table (3), the highest and the lowest of total volatile fatty acids were observed in treatments 4 (107 mmol) and 11 (52 mmol) respectively.
Contents were analyzed for cellulose, sugars, and volatile fatty acids (VFA).
With the help of proprietary microbes that take away some of the volatile fatty acids produced by the acid-forming bacteria, there is less chance that this "digester" will turn sour and stop working.
Then follow with a bicarbonate solution rinse to change the residual smelly volatile fatty acids to sodium salts.
Cottyn BG and CV Boucque Rapid Method for the Gas Chromatographic Determination of Volatile Fatty Acids in Rumen Fluid.
035 ounce (1 gram) in 17-ounce (1/2-liter) slurries of cattle feces and urine to completely block formation of foul-smelling volatile fatty acids.
In addition, she was involved in project work for the city of Kelowna, BC in the analysis of wastewater for volatile fatty acids by gas chromatography.
Strahl finds hoatzins rely on the lower esophagus and the crop -- an enlarged pocket of the upper esophagus in which birds hold and soften food -- to extract smelly but life-sustaining volatile fatty acids from the cellulose of tender young plants before they reach the small intestine.
Energy metabolism by ruminants largely depends on volatile fatty acids (VFA) from microbial fermentation in the fore-stomachs and hindgut (Bergman, 1990).