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Effect of glucose supply on fasting nitrogen excretion and effect of level and type of volatile fatty acid on response to protein infusion in cattle.
Effect of mesenteric venous volatile fatty acids (VFA) infusion on GH secretion in sheep.
Mean ruminal concentrations of volatile fatty acid (g fatty acid / 100 g total VFAs) and ammonia-N (mg/dl) of lambs fed diets containing different levels of NDF.
Ammonia-nitrogen, oregano essential oil, lamb, pH, rumen, volatile fatty acids
These articles detail esters, aldehydes, volatile fatty acids, sulfurous compounds, volatile phenols and higher alcohols.
The Effect of C:N:P ratio, volatile fatty acids and Na+ levels on the performance of an anaerobic treatment of fresh leachate from municipal solid waste transfer station.
TN: total nitrogen, TVFA: total volatile fatty acids Table 4: In vitro digestibility of the treatments Treatments DMD*% 1 56.
Total solids (TS), Volatile solids (VS), Alkalinity and Volatile fatty acids (steam distillation method) were estimated according to the procedures recommended in the Standard methods for examination of water and waste water [23].
Contents were analyzed for cellulose, sugars, and volatile fatty acids (VFA).
With the help of proprietary microbes that take away some of the volatile fatty acids produced by the acid-forming bacteria, there is less chance that this "digester" will turn sour and stop working.
Abbreviations: ADL, acid detergent lignin; CP, crude protein; DM, dry matter: IVDMD, in vitro dry matter disappearance; NDF, neutral detergent fiber; VFA, volatile fatty acids.