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adjective able to pay, clear of encumbrance, creditworthy, financially sound, in good financial condition, moneyed, not owing, out of debt, owing nothing, with funds, with good credit
Associated concepts: solvent debt
Foreign phrases: Id solum nostrum quod debitis deductis nostrum est.That only is ours which remains to us after deduction of our debts.
See also: solid, solution, sound, substance

SOLVENT. One who has sufficient to pay his debts, and all obligations. Dig. 50, 16, 114.

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Volatile solvents used in gel spinning are commonly removed from the gel filaments by evaporation at elevated temperature [6], In the case of decalin, a preferred volatile spinsolvent for UHMWPE, solvent vapor from the evaporation process is typically recylced [6, 7], Recycling decalin vapor adds complexity to the spinning process not withstanding the potential dangers it introduces.
1%) reported lifetime use of an additional volatile solvent inhalant in an effort to get high.
Volatile solvent users can be classified as either experimental, recreational, or habitual (Langa, 1993).
By substituting supercritical carbon dioxide for much of the volatile solvents in conventional low-solids and high-solids topcoats and sealers, the system reportedly can reduce VOCs by as much as 50 to 80 percent.
Besides that, more volatile solvent such as tetrahydrofuran (THF) can be added as cosolvent in the preparation of asymmetric polymeric membrane.
Recent psychopharmacological research indicates that NO may have mechanisms of action that are distinct from those of volatile solvent (VS) inhalants (e.
In addition, there were said to be growing HMIS concerns regarding volatile solvent emissions, and the problem of storing flammable material.
Lubrizol 2106 overbased barium phenate features high barium metal content in liquid form without the use of volatile solvent.
One alternative solution, which is currently researched at the Institute of Applied Medical Engineering (AME), is to dissolve the polymer in a volatile solvent and then alomize the solution in a commercial spray nozzle, without using any electrical field.
Latest figures reveal Scotland has the highest death rate from volatile solvent abuse - VSA - in the UK.
On the other side, significant results has been obtained on the drying of complex fluids composed of a volatile solvent and solid particles, like the drying of a coffee drop resulting in a remarkable coffee stain effect.

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