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The objective of scientists at The Ohio State University was to determine how temperature, pH and various food additives would affect the headspace volatile concentration and consumer acceptability of the aroma of flavored tomato products.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists combined dynamical, thermal, and chemical models of the Moon's formation to explain the relative lack of volatile elements in lunar rocks.
The volatiles collected were subjected to GC- MS (Shimadzu GC-17A with QP-5000 Japan) analysis.
It was a clue that at some point in its history Mercury's interior wasn't as bereft of volatiles as had been assumed.
But a pot with a young tomato plant, and even a cup of perfume made of tomato volatiles, did attract the seedlings (see movie at www.
Molten aluminum is much more volatile than molten steel, so some contaminants do more than spoil the chemistry.
While ranking of individual constituents was similar in all genotypes, the total amount of volatiles varied widely, being possibly associated with the genotypic flower color.
This is so although Indonesia is a large agricultural country which is known as one of the world's leading producer of volatile oils.
Vacuum venting is used on many sheet extruders to draw off residual monomers, other volatile organic compounds, and moisture.
The volatiles test is one of the most difficult tests to perform in a sand lab because it depends on time, temperature and sample weight.
At 24 hours, there was a 49% loss of volatiles from pure chocolate, a 68% loss from sweet chocolate, and an 82% loss of the compounds from milk chocolate.