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To our knowledge, clearance and the volume of distribution have not been routinely studied for subsequent doses in cases of obesity.
The fit was improved substantially when the parameters of the model were related to weight, with the exception of the initial volume of distribution, which had a constant plus weight-related component.
This new capability will enable discovery chemists to input a combination of their own in vitro data and in silico predictions, along with the built-in ADMET Predictor property predictions, and have ADMET Predictor calculate the required dose amount, accounting for all of the complex interactions that exist among the potency of the molecule, as well as its permeability, solubility, volume of distribution, plasma protein binding, formulation, and clearance.
Conclusion and Clinical Relevance--Results indicated hydromorphone hydrochloride had high bioavailability and rapid elimination after IM administration, with a short terminal half-life, rapid plasma clearance, and large volume of distribution in American kestrels.