Voluntary deposit

VOLUNTARY DEPOSIT, civil law. One which is made by the mere consent or agreement of the parties. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1054.

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For books, a voluntary deposit arrangement has been in existence only since 1974, but printed music was not included.
Unfortunately the budget of the NMI was never increased sufficiently to take on such a role for some of these tasks, such as the coordination of RISM work to document the printed and manuscript holdings of Dutch music libraries, or the revival of the voluntary deposit arrangements for printed music.
Fund Executive Director Michel Kazatchkine told KUNA the Kuwaiti voluntary contribution serves as example for other nations of how a state can honor its duty to support the millenium goals, and recalled the Kuwaiti voluntary deposit of contributions that cover its share for three years ahead since last October.
When the poor are excluded from voluntary deposit services in the financial sector that are adapted to their needs, they often save informally using traditional savings groups such as keeping money inside the house or enter into associations for savings (funds) or buy gold and characterize the process of informal savings methods as appropriate in terms of ease of access and lack of cost as far as the safe course of official institutions are best so Sanduqs are still functioning in large areas of Sudan (UNDP, 2010).
In 2007, an average of 127 disputes a month were resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution - more than double the number handled under voluntary deposit protection.
This is more than double the number handled under voluntary deposit protection.
Establish a voluntary deposit on Coca-Cola containers.
Operation of waste collection centers including benefits - Large capacity bins hire (lots 1, 2, and 3)- Transport skips to the indicated treatment places by SIVOM (lots 1, 2, 3 and 4)- Babysitting (effective 1/1/2016 for certain benefits decheteries (lots 1, 2 and 3)- Loading and transportation of green waste collections on voluntary deposit points (lot 4).
The National Library has a collection of over 120,000 recordings, as a result of voluntary deposit from 1965-1990 and mandatory deposit, including sound recordings and all other media, since 1990.
These companies have created a new voluntary deposit control standard for gasoline that exceed those of EPA's deposit control rule.
Like the rest of the world, Latin Americans are increasingly purchasing their beverages in one-way plastic containers, rather than traditional reusable glass bottles that carried a voluntary deposit.
2 billion in voluntary deposits from the banking system.

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