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2: Modified eyelid retractor used to measure the hei- ght of the opening of the vomeronasal organ from the floor of the nose.
Chemical access to the vomeronasal organs of the lizard Chalcides ocellatus.
Sniff driven When inhaled molecules activate nerve cells in the mouse's vomeronasal organ, the signals travel to the accessory olfactory bulb in the brain, then on to sites that connect to the hypothalamus and mediate fear, attraction and aggression.
This conclusion is consistent with the results reported by Andren (1982) where application of Xylocaine tape to areas of the mouth, other than at the entrance to the vomeronasal organs, in adders (Vipera berus) had no effect on reproductive behaviors dependent upon tongue flicking such as the detection of the sex of a conspecific.
The incidence of the vomeronasal organ in 1000 human subjects and its possible clinical significance.
McDaniel, "The reason for this delayed response is another one of the catnip mysteries--it may be that the receptors in the vomeronasal organ need time to develop, or that the catnip response area in the brain may not fully develop until a kitten is eight to twelve weeks old.
To substantiate the behavioral findings, Stowers and colleagues placed the urine proteins in contact with live neurons obtained from male mouse vomeronasal organs in a lab dish.
These products are the only ones that contain synthesized human pheremones as a component and have been shown to stimulate the Human Vomeronasal Organ.
To reach the conclusion, Rodriguez's team took tissue from the vomeronasal organ - a pheromone-detecting sense organ found in the nasal cavity of mice, and some other mammals - and searched for genes expressing possible smell receptors.