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Secure virtualisation grows in importance: Virtualisation-related vulnerability disclosures have tripled since 2006 and are likely to increase as virtualised environments become more widespread.
74) See Rainer Bohme, A Comparison of Market Approaches to Software Vulnerability Disclosure, in EMERGING TRENDS IN INFORMATION AND COMPUTER SECURITY, 298, 308 tbl.
IBM has reported an increase in malware volume and sophistication, the rise of exploit leasing and a lower number of vulnerability disclosures versus the first half of 2006 as part of its security statistics report for the first half of 2007.
The busiest month in 2006 for vulnerability disclosure was June, while the busiest week was the week before Thanksgiving and the most popular day of the week to disclose vulnerabilities was Tuesday.
The time between vulnerability disclosure and exploit availability is shrinking to amazing levels - the days of true zero-day exploits are upon us.
As a security practitioner, I'm happy to see this kind of partnership, since it offers a forum for increasing the level of responsibility that is shown in vulnerability disclosure.
The most important thing you can do is focus your resources to close that gap between vulnerability disclosures and targeted exploits as much as possible.
ICS Vulnerabilities", highlights trends in total ICS vulnerability disclosures,
Vulnerability disclosures across the industry increased 9.
The IBM X-Force report is based on intelligence gathered by one of the industry's leading security research teams through its research of public vulnerability disclosures findings from more than 4,000 clients, and the monitoring and analysis of an average of 13 billion events daily in 2011.

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