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Richard Westcott, a veteran dame but only tackling an Ugly Sister for the second time, is a great sisterly companion as Daisy, striding about in equally daft clothes and headgear, a dominating presence on stage and delivering his lines with a delectable waspishness.
35) The Globe's Ottawa columnist, George Bain, felt that the move would not have the positive impact in Quebec that it would have had in a previous era, but on the other hand "only in the last strongholds of Waspishness will it seem that the country has been sold into popery.
One of Danto's signal qualities is his openness to new types of art, a trait much on display here--"It is the mark of our period that everything can be regarded as a work of art," he remarks in "Art and Meaning"--which also leads him to "deplore the waspishness of critics.
Yet in Dream Stuff there is a certain impatience and even waspishness discernible toward vulgarian, lumpen Australia.