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In support of its vision, Sun has actively supported WBEM with Solaris WBEM Services and the delivery of a set of standards-based management tools that leverage new and emerging technologies such as the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and the Common Information Model (CIM).
Sun's Open Source implementation for WBEM will be available today to developers at http://sourceforge.
Sun and the high-profile companies in the Java WBEM Services Expert Group look to standardize data management by supporting the Java WBEM API that provides a cross-platform environment for increased interoperability.
Developers benefit from WBEM support in their products because it allows them to write and test management applications once, thus minimizing porting time to other platforms and cross testing.
As one of the industry's leading systems management vendors whose WBEM agent is shipping with Windows 2000, NetIQ firmly believes that the upcoming release of Windows 2000 beta 3 reaffirms Microsoft's commitment to delivering the industry's most manageable operating system," said Ching-Fa Hwang, President and CEO of NetIQ.
In addition, NetIQ's innovative use of MMC, WBEM and Microsoft Cluster Server clearly demonstrates the that NetIQ is on the forefront of adopting new Microsoft technologies as a core part of their systems management solution.
WBEM offers customers a common model to manage applications and resources.
Seagate Software has been actively collaborating with the Microsoft Windows Management Infrastructure Group, a pivotal force behind the WBEM initiative.