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Although the operation of RIX-MAC is substantially similar to that of X-MAC, RIX utilizes the receiver-initiated wake-up scheme to reduce the number of short preambles of the sender and to avoid collisions partially by using random back-off scheme.
Yet despite the interest in presidential wake-ups, the truth is that they do not happen that often.
The UK wakes up at 8:45am on Saturday mornings, 72 minutes laterthan weekly average wake-up time (7:33am).
Wake-up call: B&B is pounds 72pp per night when two share.
Each time your baby wakes up, refresh your memory about how much you love her and enjoy breastfeeding and drop the memory of the wake-ups count.
Bornn received a wake-up call after last season when a fellow coach met him at a clinic and asked Bornn what his vision was for Saugus football.
And although thousands of IT professionals had a quick wake-up call two years ago when 50 million people in the Northeast spent the night in one of the largest blackouts in recent memory, we were once again reminded of the importance of backup power during last year's hurricane season, sizzling summer and arctic winter being felt throughout the country.
What happened probably won't hurt us but I don't think any of us will feel that it has taken handing over the Ashes to get a wake-up call
wake-up knock, followed by coffee and cereal before a 6 o'clock drive or walk through the bush.
The economic slowdown also services as a wake-up call to owners of designated Class B and C properties.
The Milken Institute sounds a wake-up call to lenders and business owners when it comes to accessing capital
Many new issues posted only moderate gains or closed below their offering prices, sounding a wake-up call for option-seeking dot-com workers, who were forced to shed their rose-colored glasses and face the harsh, but undeniable, truth: No dot-com, no matter how promising, is certain to succeed.